The North Carolina Folk Festival Is Almost Here

Brian Hornfeldt

Staff Writer

As the year draws closer to an end, we approach the September dates for the Fifth Annual North Carolina Folk Festival. The venue features many local artisans, food trucks, music and community. For newcomers, it may seem like an expensive, difficult experience to navigate, but the reality is more welcoming than many may realize. Here’s what to know going into the North Carolina Folk Festival.

PC: Photography by Jiyoung Park, University Communications

The 2022 NC Folk Festival is being held Friday, Sept. 9, through Sunday, Sept. 11. While boasting over 300 artists, the North Carolina Folk Festival has remained a free event since its conception in 2018. Celebrity guests such as George Clinton and Sam Bush will be making appearances, performing alongside 16 other musicians during the day-long events. With stages located in five sections of downtown Greensboro, you can expect to hear music from the time you enter, until the time you leave. A full schedule of the Folk Festival’s lineup and times can be found on their website:

Folk music is defined as the traditional music of the people in a country or region, but, in this modern presentation, it incorporates a contemporary feel. They utilize electrical instruments and soundstages to captivate audiences with rustic-toned music on new-age equipment. The juxtaposition of these conflicting styles and effects lends a unique and dazzling atmosphere to downtown Greensboro. The festival is an enriching experience for even the seasoned attendees. The music itself feels ever-present, carrying itself down the city streets, welcoming all to join in the merriment.

Local artists, artisans and food vendors house their own shops over the duration of the festival as well. Many of the local businesses in downtown Greensboro make appearances amidst the rush of attendees. Handmade jewelry, paintings, photographs and honey are just a few examples of the variety of commodities available for purchase. With an ever-changing selection of local merchants to choose from, you can always expect to leave with something interesting.

I have attended the North Carolina Folk Festival since 2018 and have yet to leave feeling like it wasn’t worth the time. Making friends with other attendees, enjoying the atmospheric ambiance the folk music provides, and enjoying local cuisine catered by food trucks solidify the festival as one of the best things you can attend if you’re wanting to experience local North Carolinian culture firsthand.

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  1. This article has certainly enticed me to think about attending this year. Its writing so eloquently sucked me into the warm and comforting atmosphere that is, without a doubt, to be expected there. Unfortunately, I’m european.


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