An Interview with an Elementary Education Major

Jenna McKee Meaney

Staff Writer

Zoey Solano is a sophomore majoring in Elementary Education and double minoring in American Sign Language and English. She is originally from Washington, NC, and is 19 years old. She also works on campus at the Harold Schiffman Music Library and encourages you to come by and say hello. Zoey has given insight on her experience in her program as well as her overall experience at UNCG.

Q: How did you decide on your major?

A: I decided on my major because I really couldn’t see myself doing anything other than becoming an educator. Ever since I was young, I loved to learn and expand my knowledge in any way I could. As a teacher, I want to foster a love of learning and help children flourish in their own way. It isn’t as much a want to teach as much as it is a need to teach.

Q: How do you plan to use your minor in your future career as an educator?

A: As for my minor, I think it is important to have equal access to communication, especially in education. Learning American Sign Language is a skill that will help me make sure that the Deaf community feels included in my future classroom. As a future educator, I want people from all walks of life to feel welcome around me, and that doesn’t end with the Deaf community. 

Q: What is your favorite thing about UNCG?

A: My favorite thing about UNCG is the sense of community and belonging I have discovered here in such a short amount of time. I will forever cherish and be grateful for the people and educators that I have built connections with in the past two years.

Q: What is something you wish you knew before coming to college?

A: Before coming to college, I wish I would’ve known that it isn’t as scary as it seems. College is a very daunting experience, especially when you come from a small town with limited knowledge on how college life works. In reality, it’s a place filled with people probably just as lost as you, helping each other figure out what path to follow. I’ve learned it is okay to feel a little lost sometimes. 

Q: What is some advice you would give to future Education majors?

A: If I had to give any advice to future Education majors, it is that sometimes things can be hard, and work can become overwhelming, but the outcome is going to be worth it. As long as you have passion behind your vision for teaching, you will succeed. 

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  1. After reading this interview, I believe minoring in ASL is a great way to make classrooms more inclusive! Every education major should try and take ASL classes if they’re able.


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