The Wonders of CrochetTok

Erin Yandell 

Staff Writer

The recent rumblings of the TikTok ban have had me thinking about how TikTok has changed lives, quite literally. Millions of people have discovered new ideas, picked up new hobbies, shared experiences and formed connections. People have been able to discover who they are and pick up better habits. It’s home to numerous communities of people searching for their purpose and finding solace in connections with those who share their beliefs and interests.

It’s true that it is also a place where trends thrive and fizzle out, but the value and fulfillment that people get from these fleeting phenomena are permanent. 

In particular, the crochet trend has become a major part of my life that has helped me learn a lot about myself–what it feels like to have a purpose–and have a virtual community to connect with. 

Crochet started to gain popularity on TikTok during quarantine because people were searching for hobbies to soothe their extensive bouts of boredom. Crochet is nothing new, though; it has lived in countless cultural traditions, marking different time periods and being a source of developing creativity. Similar to most things found on TikTok, people jumped on the bandwagon to gain clout and feel popular. However, as we are several months into 2023, it seems that modern crochet is here to stay, revealing how modern technology can prolong the life of centuries-old traditions. 

Social media trends do have a certain stigma, turning classic pass-times into something to feel ashamed about. That’s why I avoided crochet when I started seeing it on TikTok, because I didn’t want to be seen as someone using social media to fit in. As time passed, the trend started to die down in popularity, but this side of TikTok strengthened in its reach and influence. The advice and motivation from crochet accounts inspired me to go out of my comfort zone and try to learn, despite my irrational fears of being judged or even criticized for the quality of my work.

CrochetTok made me realize that hobbies shouldn’t feel like work, the kind of work that gives you more stress, which is the exact opposite of a hobby’s purpose. Sure, my crochet journey isn’t always pretty, and my frustration gets the best of me sometimes. It took me forever to learn the basics and I still mess up all of the time. However, I go back to the videos for inspiration and motivation. I’m constantly learning from the community even today. 

Patterns and tutorials are readily available for beginners to advanced crocheters at no cost. Some patterns cost money, but it just shows another side of how TikTok has transformed the crochet community.

People have been able to discover a passion for crochet and leave their traditional jobs in favor of their own crochet business. They have been inspired to create their own websites to sell patterns and their completed works. TikTok can help people discover their purpose as well as become a platform to promote their products and brand. 

Another interesting aspect of CrochetTok is its ability to share a variety of crochet styles. You don’t have to make certain patterns or follow specific aesthetics to be a “crocheter.” Crochet is versatile which allows people to express other aspects of their personalities while still being accepted as part of the crochet community. Some accounts specialize in plush animals while others have cultivated their niche in clothing. Some use bright colors or dedicate their projects to other interests like movies and tv shows; the possibilities are endless because crochet is a creative tool that has a specific meaning to the individual. 

CrochetTok is a friendly, welcoming space that has provided me and many others immense comfort. Even on days when I have lost all motivation to crochet or I’m simply having a bad day, watching crochet videos brings me joy and contentment. Thanks to TikTok, crochet has become my personal form of meditation. It has become a part of me and without it, I’m not sure who I would be.

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