Boys Will Be Boys

Krysten Heberly Staff Writer With the allegations against famed producer Harvey Weinstein still fresh in our minds, the number of people coming forward seems to be mounting. Weinstein has been accused of committing over fifty sexual assaults over his illustrious… Read More ›

Hands Off the EPA

Andrew Oliver Staff Writer EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is working hard at deregulating Obama-era regulations meant to protect the environment and the people in it. President Trump’s promises to do so have been made under the guise of returning rightful… Read More ›

Toxic Fraternity Culture

Patrick O’Connell Staff Writer Colleges like to celebrate their history and alumni by creating a culture around tradition to generate a sense of unity among students. Fraternities have existed at American colleges since the mid-19th century. They are a benefit… Read More ›

Take a Knee

Krysten Heberly Staff Writer Colin Kaepernick has been under fire since August of 2016 for making the decision to take a knee during the playing of the national anthem. He has received national press coverage for this action, and has… Read More ›