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Kārlis Dambrāns/ Flickr

Kārlis Dambrāns/ Flickr

Natalie King

Happy 2015, everyone — a time in which talking to an inanimate object does not always result in being prompted to seek medical attention. We can navigate, text, call, search and do a number of other tasks without even lifting a finger. What  a time to be alive.

That’s right, good ol’ Siri is a celebrity in today’s society, and it earned its prestige all by searching Google for many us who are too lazy to do it ourselves. As you can guess, I am not a fan. I hardly ever used Siri when I had an iPhone, but I have witnessed friends speak to her which great success.  I gave her plenty of chances and I am not trying to be dramatic, but she just never understood me.

Switching from iPhone to Android didn’t rid me of my technological nuisance. I now have the same capabilities — which I am sure work fabulously — that I have not yet given a try. It is even more annoying now because if I want to use my phone hands-free, I have to start by saying “Okay, Google.” What the hell?

The worst part about these “convenient” aspects of our smart phones is the fact that in the quietest of times Siri decides she’s bored and makes that obnoxious, undeniable noise.

You’re texting in class, ever so discretely, like the champion of sneaky, in-class rule breakers, and next thing you know everyone is staring at you, including your professor, because they all heard the subtle “da-dooh” for which Siri is famous. It doesn’t matter how fast you “ex” out of the “text-to-speech” option; one slip of the thumb and you’re the culprit behind an in-class disruption.

The real question is, why does Siri still make this noise even if your phone is on silent? Call me old fashioned, but “silent” means absolutely no noise, am I right? Nothing can compare to the feeing of panic you feel once you realize the noise is going to happen. If you think fast enough, you may be able to cover the speaker and dull the embarrassment in the slightest, But most of us are not that swift.

I guess we cannot expect to have the ultimate levels of simplicity and easiness without any consequences. I would imagine that some people out there have their Siri under control. Unfortunately, those of us who can’t even get her to understand “take me to the nearest target,” shouldn’t expect to be able to get her to shut up when we need it.

Ashley Hallenbeck/the carolinian

Ashley Hallenbeck/the carolinian

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