President highlights pros of playing Women’s Club Basketball

Courtesy of UNCG Athletics

Courtesy of UNCG Athletics

Lindsey Dancy
   Staff Writer

Last week, The Carolinian had the pleasure of interviewing the Women’s Club Basketball president, Mirrah Colbert-Grant. The UNC-Greensboro Women’s Basketball Club was established to provide women an opportunity to play basketball at a competitive level in a productive and safe environment. Through this experience, club members will also encounter the spirit and compassion for the game. And as Colbert-Grant stated,“we promote healthy and well-balanced lifestyles, while fostering physical, psychological and educational development.”

For those UNCG students who wish to hear more information about potentially joining the club, Colbert-Grant talked about the easy process of possibly signing up. “Interested students can come to our practices on Tuesday and Thursday, 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. and Sunday 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. and see myself Mirah, or the club VP, Holly to receive a club waiver form and upon completion of this form are enabled to participate with our club basketball team,” Colbert-Grant said.

“Alternatively, student can find this form of the club sports website, print it out and bring a completed form to a practice and be able to practice that same day. Participation is restricted until this form is on file with us.”

“We take all levels of experience, from a player that never stepped foot onto a basketball court to previous college athletes that transferred to UNCG and do not participate on an official NCAA athletic team at UNCG. We do not turn anyone away,” added Colbert-Grant.

Colbert-Grant was introduced to UNCG’s Women’s Club Basketball team her first year and talked about her history with the club.

“As a freshman, I always came to the gym to play basketball. One day while in the gym, I ended up playing with a few members of the team and they invited me to come to their open gym. After my first open gym I’ve been a part of the club team ever since.”

Now that she has been appointed club president, her role regarding the team has changed drastically from being just a player.

“I make all final decisions of club matters. I schedule all games and tournaments for our team to travel to and host here at UNCG. I oversee the executive board and make sure all officers are properly performing their duties,” said Colbert-Grant.

“I also attend officer meetings and trainings. I organize the schedule of games, volunteer and fundraising events and other club activities.”

Regarding her student life outside of club basketball, like any collegiate athlete, Colbert-Grant keeps a busy schedule. “I have classes Monday-Friday; all my classes end by 5 p.m. and on Friday 12 p.m. Usually every day I go to the gym whether I have practice or not, the time I go depends on the amount of school work I get done,” said Colbert-Grant.

“That’s my life class, school, work and the gym. Weekends I am most likely at some social event with teammates and other associates I met from the gym.” Colbert-Grant is also assisted by vice president, Holly Trip and secretary, Alexandra Loveless with the organizational aspect of the club.

Most recently, the club went undefeated to the championship in their home tournament, the Spartan Classic, over the Halloween weekend. Last year, the team won the Wake Forest MLK and Duke tournament. The team is known for having pretty successful winning seasons and has defeated teams from schools such as WSSU, NCCU, Duke and Carolina.

As Colbert-Grant handles the managerial aspect of keeping the club, the team has been able to feature a coaching staff who knows a little thing about basketball.

“We are very proud to say that Lucy Mason is our head coach. Lucy is a player on and the face of UNCG Women’s Basketball,” said Colbert-Grant. “She is assisted by her teammate India Timpton who is also on the UNCG Women’s Basketball team, Michael Stone, a former Men’s Club Basketball team player, and UNCG alumni and Whitney Coleman who is a former UNCG Women’s Basketball player,” said Colbert-Grant.

For those who are interested in participating in the club team, they are driven to provide collegiate student-athletes with the opportunity to play competitive, organized college basketball, and to continually improve this experience for all participants. The team strives to accomplish this by building lasting relationships based upon trust, commitment, dedication, understanding and strong lines of communication.

For those who are in serious consideration of joining, Colbert-Grant reiterated,“If you’re considering it, you should definitely do it.”

An upcoming tournament for the club team will be held Nov. 14-15, taking place at North Carolina State University.

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