Ghost Hunter drops secrets of the paranormal

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Nikki Yopp
  Staff Writer

“Do you believe in ghosts?” That was the first question that ghost hunter, Chris Fleming, had for his UNCG audience on Saturday, Oct. 29. The EUC Auditorium was filled to the brim at 8 p.m., the energy in the room teeming with anticipation for the haunting halloweekend experience.

While the first portion of the Fleming’s’ show was educational, the spooky events soon followed, with a spirit box session around campus.

Fleming started the program with an explanation of what kind of work he does. This work, is the exploration and investigation of hauntings, encounters of the third kind, possessions and near death experiences. Fleming also works closely with parapsychologists throughout his investigations.

After giving the audience an introductory course on what he does, Fleming went into his own personal experiences with spirits.

In his childhood home, Fleming mentioned seeing a shadowy figure approach his bed and pull on his sheets. Of course, like any child, he called for his parents.

Little did Fleming know, that that experience was only the beginning of his interactions with ghosts. As he got older, he recounted, several friends from school wanted to come over to see the spirits that Fleming said dwelled in his home.

Fleming held sleepovers, and told the audience about a chilling sight he had while his friends were at his home. He then went on to explain that because they had all seen the same thing, it was called a “collective experience.”

In 1983, Fleming’s mom took on a scary adventure of her own by purchasing and using a Ouija board. They used this item in their home for several years before deciding to stop.

Fleming told his audience, that once when he was using the Ouija board in his home in the 80s’ he actually levitated. He then went on to say that his mother prayed, and that he believes that stopped the levitation.

He also went on to talk about creatures that he saw in his wall after that point. Fleming explained this as non-human faces that would disappear whenever he looked directly at them. From there he went on to describe a black mass emerging from his closet and following him downstairs.

Fleming mentioned that once again he believes his mother’s prayers helped to protect him.

Once he was done recounting his own personal experiences, Fleming started to show several photos, videos, and voice evidence to support his belief in spirits.

The evidence sections started with images of vaporous mists. One that stood out was a female face in mist that Fleming said was taken in Tombstone, AZ.

Next, we moved on to discuss shadow manifestations. The famous Eastern State Penitentiary is well known for being one of the most haunted places in America, Fleming said, as he recounted working with the Ghost Hunters to lead tour groups through the penitentiary to hunt for ghosts.

One of the members of a tour group, Fleming said, actually managed to capture a photo of a shadow manifestation that could not have been a member of the tour group.

My favorite photo section was the facial apparition section. During this, Fleming said, “Why do ghosts like to photobomb?” which got plenty of laughs from the crowd.

Then,we moved away from photo and video evidence, in favor of voice evidence. Fleming started off by explaining what an EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena is, and that it was starting to be used in the 1940s and 1950s.

Many of the EVPs left the audience with chills. Fleming found a way to put a bit of audience engagement into his presentation, by having a “Guess the EVP” game where the audience would shout out what they thought the EVP was saying.

Once the presentation was done, Fleming encouraged the audience to be very quiet, in order to record a few EVPs in the EUC Auditorium. The audience was shocked to actually be able to hear some voices on the recording, right after it was recorded.

Closing time came around for the EUC, and the audience was told to go to College Avenue in order to experience the spirit box, a device of Fleming’s creation, first hand.

A young audience member from the surrounding Greensboro community, was able to hold a speaker during the event, while his sister recorded the whole event that went live on Facebook. The whole ghost hunting adventure, consisted of questions for the spirits at UNCG, and truly gave off a ghostly vibe for Halloween weekend.

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