Greensboro’s Finest: Coffee Shop Edition

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Tarlon Khoubyari
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Like many of you, I love a strong cup of coffee, free wifi and a nice place to work or meet up with friends. The smell of fresh coffee brewing warms my heart. Greensboro has an eclectic coffee scene that is slowly starting to bud around UNCG. So coffee and tea lovers should stop by and go explore these local coffee shops.


  1. Scuppernong Books

I had to put this at the top of my list because it’s one of my favorite places in Greensboro to curl up with my laptop, look for a new book to read and get a really cheap cup of coffee. Scuppernong is a local downtown favorite. It’s become an epicenter for downtown Greensboro events and a perfect bookstore to find your next read. The staff is welcoming and the shop has plenty of seating. Outlets are scarce however, so I’d advise people to make sure their devices are charged before entering. Their coffee and wine collection is solid. It’s more of a bookstore than a cafe, but if you walk further into the store there are two really comfortable couches and tables to sit around. They do an excellent job at engaging the community.


  1. Green Bean Coffee

It has the best coffee and in my opinion, is the best workspace. If you want to get work done and have a really good cup of coffee, come here. I love Green Bean’s atmosphere. It’s more of a working space than anything. Their coffee is always freshly brewed but they don’t have a huge espresso menu. If simplicity is your thing, then this is your place. People tend to underestimate Downtown Greensboro, but never take the time to explore it. This is a great spot to explore, and it’s not too far from Cheesecakes by Alex.  


  1. The Baker and the Bean

The Baker and the Bean is a new coffee/bakery that isn’t too far away from campus. If you drive down Spring Garden towards downtown you can’t miss the big white warehouse looking building. The Baker and the Bean isn’t the best place to do homework in because they don’t have outlets and the wifi is spotty, but they do have a decent cup of coffee but they are known for their yummy desserts that are beautifully displayed in front. Next door, there is a good burger place and next to that is an event space and bar. I usually take my coffee black but I have heard their lattes are also good. It’s a really cute place to take pictures on the white brick outside and have a mid-day treat.


  1. Tate Street Coffee

Tate Street Coffee is a UNCG staple. If you haven’t gotten a cup of coffee there or come on Thursdays to listen to Jazz, then you are missing out. I come here a lot because it’s right on campus and there is a different crowd of people that filter in and out. Some people that come by are locals but most are students. Charge your laptops before you come, however, because you’ll have a hard time finding an accessible charging port. Whenever I come I get a 16 ounce black and tan with whatever dairy milk substitute they have. If you look behind the cashier there’s famous people’s birthdays written above the bagel selection. Also, the staff is really accommodating. My favorite dessert to get there is the coffee crumble cake. It can, however, get pretty noisy, so if you need to get work done in the middle of the day, I’d advise trying somewhere else.


  1. Urban Grinders

Urban Grinders is also a new coffee place but is still pretty good. The staff is nice and it’s hardly ever busy, so you’ll never have a hard time finding a place to sit and work. Their coffee selection is awesome and they have a lot of milk alternatives. The ambiance is also nice, as they have a lot of big windows to let natural light in.

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