Pool Party at the Rec Center

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Ian Hammock
    Staff Writer

As I lay in the pool, the sound of music filled the cavernous room. The music, which was being expertly deejayed, was a mix of everything from The Beach Boys “Surfin’ USA” to Walk the Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance with Me” and set the perfect mood for a UNCG pool party.

The party, a collaborative project between UNCG students and CAP, was a nice way to begin a late-winter weekend. It had all the necessities of a pool party – snacks, drinks, pizza, ice cream and of course, a pool. The smell of pizza outside the pool mixed with the smell of chlorine every time the door in the glass wall separating them opened, and as the night wore on, and the party became livelier.

From where I floated in a corner of the pool, enjoying the oddly refreshing smell of chlorine water, I could see groups of my classmates playing pool volleyball, basketball and having relay races. None of these were really my speed, but it was nice to watch other people have fun however they wanted to.

When I arrived at the party, about fifteen minutes before it began, the pool’s antechamber was mostly set up, with only a few things, pizza and ice cream, mostly, missing. The pool itself was mostly empty, as was clear through the glass wall dividing the antechamber from the pool. In fact, the majority of the people who were there when I arrived, about 15 to 20, were all sitting around in street clothes, waiting in earnest for the party to start. By 6:30 p.m., people began to move into the pool more; though I had gotten in about twenty minutes before that, and so I was able to witness the mass exodus into the pool.

Manned by a couple of the students who had helped to organize the event, the food was also a central fixture in the antechamber, as the snacks were in high demand and the snack table, was constantly in demand.

By about 7 p.m. the number of people in the pool had increased significantly, and as there was a slight lull, I decided to do some digging and find out more about this event. After changing into a change of street clothes – I swam enough for one night – I approached one of the students in charge of organizing this event.

I had decided to start with the basics: who had organized this event and why. A collaborative effort between students and the school, Justin Harmon, the UNCG student and event organizer said, said: “This [is] for a class in the Community and Therapeutic Recreation Department: CCR 429, Special event management. Students are trying to learn how to put on special events and we’ll do several throughout the semester, and this [pool party] is our first one.”

Regarding whether these student events would be a recurring element throughout the semester, Harmon said: “Well, CAP does their events every weekend anyways – Friday, Saturday and Sunday – and this is just one that we’re collaborating with them. We’re going to do an event with the School of Health and Human Sciences as well, and that’s coming up in April and then we’re going to do one in May with our department for our spring gathering.”

After speaking with Harmon, I went back into the antechamber and had an ice cream pop – which caused me to get one nasty brain freeze and left the enchanting student-led pool party event.

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