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In the cybersphere of romance, there is nothing more important than what you choose to write about yourself. This is where anyone can shine, as long as you know what you’re doing. Approaching the task of creating a profile shouldn’t be done without really thinking about it for a long time. This is what will represent you for hundreds if not thousands of onlookers from all over the world.

This is your potential to tell the entire world who you really are and find the person of your dreams. Be yourself, of course, but don’t be afraid to be the self you’d rather be.

No one is perfect, of course, but we can certainly pretend to be perfect and that’s the most imperative part of all. Throughout your journey on the world wide web of love, you may be wracking your brain as to what to write in your dating profile. This article will help you in every way possible.


The Bio

First off you really want to make sure your biography is as detailed as possible. I’d say start from your earliest memories and move forward from there. If you have any report cards from your grade school years or maybe your college transcripts, you should scan those in as well. I should remind you that being honest in these biographies is certainly the easier thing to do.

If you’re going to lie then make sure it’s a lie that you’re comfortable with. Just stretch the truth on your own terms. Rather than writing “I’m a bartender” you could write “I’m a car mender.” Kind of a cute and quirky way to say that you can fix cars. This example really only works if you work at a bar and you want to get with people who are having car troubles.


The Photographs

The least important part of the entire profile if you want to know the truth. I’d just upload more text for my biography but if you’re really keen on using photos then go ahead. You only need one picture though and you know which one it is.

It’s the one of you picking up your friends acoustic guitar at their Halloween party! You were dressed as Gerald Ford, remember? Now that’s what I call a profile picture. For the rest of the photos, I’d just go with some of those pictures of Warner Bros. cartoon characters all blinged out and stuff.


The Chat

Believe or not, while chatting with anyone on these online dating services, you’re really just creating an extension on your profile. If you want to follow my own strategy, this is usually when I send over a few PDF’s of my entire biography and ask for their notes.

The entire thing is around 100,000 words but it moves quick since it only covers the past five years of my life or so. If you don’t have a biography written out already then I’m not sure why you’re doing this cybersphere dating thing anyway.

Everyone you chat with knows exactly what they want out of the service they’re using and they will most certainly closely align your profile and your conversation style with who you really are. If the person you’re talking with is insistent on having a conversation then just keep a rolodex of questions you can ask to keep them interested.

Questions like, “what kind of toothpaste do you use,” or “what really went on between Marilyn Monroe and the Kennedy’s?” will spice up an otherwise dull chat.



I’ve noticed now, more than ever, that profiles will often ask for what kind of music you like to listen. I guess this says something about who you are? Luckily, I’ve recorded myself reading my biography and the audiobook is available on most streaming services. If you don’t have such a recording and find that some piece of music describes you perfectly, (even if you didn’t write it), then I’d proceed with great caution.

Perhaps the song you love will remind a potential lover of a time when they had horrible breath at a job interview because it was playing over the speakers in the restaurant. There are some guaranteed songs that will put people in a good mood no matter what. Things like, “The Happy Birthday Song,” “For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow”, or “Frère Jacques” are great places to start.

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