NC Duo Aim to Inspire a Generation

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Courtesy of Gene Mance and Keith Parham

Olivia Tarpley
Staff Writer

In the spring of 2016, Gene Mance and Keith Parham conceived the idea of NVision. Mance is from Gastonia, North Carolina while Parham is from Raleigh, North Carolina. The two met at UNCG and now consider themselves brothers.

“You know how you can meet a person, and you feel like you’re thinking each other’s thoughts? Well that’s Gene and I,” Parham said. Whether it be hanging out or creating a platform to help others succeed, the two love doing things together.

One night in May 2016, Mance and Parham were downtown, sharing dinner as they discussed their personal goals and visions. This is where the idea of NVision spawned. Often the Millennial generation is dubbed as “lazy” but Mance and Parham want to inspire others through NVision to lead their best life. “With NVision, we want to focus on personal and leadership development,” said Mance.

NVision aims to inspire the Millennial generation and beyond. It will provide opportunities for individuals to network and be in touch with forward thinking, driven people, like local business owners. The “why” of NVision is based on accountability. They believe that if others provide accountability for an individual, it will help that individual further their path towards success. The mission of NVision is to inspire the Millennial generation through networking and support. There is no “target demographic.” Keith and Gene want to focus on the Millennial generation but want to inspire and encourage all people.

Mance and Parham launched their website this past Monday. One of the features of their website is a weekly spotlight. The spotlight features an individual in the community who displays passion for their craft and “who is shining a light within the Millennial generation,” said Mance.

These individuals will be debuted on NVision’s Instagram, Facebook and website. The goal of the spotlights is to showcase individuals who are impacting the immediate community and society at large. These are intended to be motivational for others and to encourage anyone reading to pursue their best life. It is the hope of Mance and Parham that the spotlights will let others know that they can reach their goals and be successful in achieving their dreams.

Individuals featured in spotlights will exemplify a person that lives a well-rounded and holistic lifestyle, which is something Mance and Parham want for NVision to emphasize. The weekly Spotlight won’t be exclusive to UNCG students but rather, is inclusive towards anyone in the local community, whether they are a student from another university, a business owner or local impactful leader.

Mance and Parham want to emphasize that this is not a Christian organization; however, it does have a Christian seam. The two want NVision to be a platform that focuses on developing leaders and helping everyone regardless of their faith, ethnicity or background.

The two want this to stress their ideals for helping people which focus on professional and personal development. Mance and Parham are keeping their personal goals in sight while pursuing this project. Parham plans to graduate in May, 2018, and intends to expand his mom’s local business and eventually have five locations. Mance will graduate in December, 2018, and wants to work in corporate leadership.

Both Mance and Parham want to leave a unique legacy. Mance wants to leave a legacy of impact. Parham wants to leave a legacy of servanthood; that he served everyone he knew and that he was reliable for others.

They both believe that NVision will make a positive change in the world. “We both have a passion for people. We want to see people live at their best. We want to encourage others,” said Parham. As they hope for expansion, they will introduce new features and eventually host events. With a brother-like bond, Mance and Parham are excited to watch their platform for change and leadership development grow.

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