Café the Cat’s Meow

Rebecca Pearce
Staff Writer

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Photo credit: Rebecca Pearce

As a college student, incorporating new activities to de-stress from the bustle of college routine can be difficult and even become a great hassle at times. A wonderful solution, however, is located just up the street in downtown Greensboro. The Crooked Tail Cat Café, offers the perfect way to relax with a satisfying beverage and a few warm, cozy kitties.

The café was conceived by entrepreneur, Karen Stratman, just this summer. Stratman is a lover of all animals; especially cats, and has a strong passion for animal rescue. After being inspired by other cat cafes, such as Pounce in Charleston South Carolina, and Crumbs & Whiskers in Washington D.C., she decided that one must be brought to Greensboro.

Stratman settled on naming her cafe the The Crooked Tail Café, after her own crooked tailed kitty that she has had for the past two years, Franklin, who is now a permanent resident of the cafe. Franklin is a perfectly friendly and playful figure for the cafe, a cat that is always in the café’s camera spotlight and serves as a welcoming presence to the cafe’s guests.

The cats in The Crooked Tail Café are provided by Red Dog Farm, a non-profit animal rescue organization that operates all over the Triad Area. Stratman’s cafe is partnered with Red Dog Farm, and acts as a foster home for these rescued cats until they have found homes of their own. The cats and kittens are sold at very reasonable prices: the kittens $95, and the cats, $75.

The Crooked Tail Café will only house cats that are 15 weeks and older, in order to assure that they are litter box trained and comfortable being around people. To begin the adoption process for one cat, an application through Red Dog Farm must be submitted and approved in order to ensure a good home to these delicate creatures.

While lounging around and admiring the playful cats, there’s a delicious selection of local treats to indulge in. The café supports and sells the brand, OneHope Wine; a company that gives one-half of all its proceeds to fund animal rescue efforts. The Crooked Tail Café also has savory choice of refreshments, such as tea, coffee, snacks and a great local art selection located in a backroom of the cafe.

The cat lounge also offers an exquisite calendar of events, which includes “Kitty Club Tuesday,” which website, describes as, “Kitty cuddles and playtime with a room full of kitties! You’re helping support a greater cause to get more kitties into furever homes. If you fall in love with any of our residents you can apply through the rescue organization we are working with to take them home!”

If interested in attending, book a reservation through the The Crooked Tail Café website, and adjust the number of guests in your party once you click on the appointment. There is a block that says Number of Guests, where you can adjust accordingly. At the event, children 12 and under get half off on their visit; “Kitty Tuesday” will be instructed by Mary Beth Errington, and will feature refreshment options of wine and beer. Additionally, The Crooked Tail Café will offer a 25 percent discount on their weekdays. For more detailed information on these special days with the kitties go The Crooked Tail’s website

Cat lover and UNCG junior, Kathryn Swaim, expressed her immense love for the café, saying, “The cafe’s atmosphere is very peaceful and charming. The owner and other people working there are very genuinely kind and welcoming. They have a variety of beverages, my favorite being wine in cute cat shaped bottles! It’s literally a cat lover’s paradise!”

Stratman has dedicated her whole career and all of her time to helping stray cats; an asset to the Greensboro community, she is determined to find these cats a loving home. According to the American Society of Prevention of Cruelty of Animals, “860,000 cats in the United States are being euthanized each year.”

Fortunately, due to many other individuals taking action on behalf of cats like Stratman, these numbers are declining. In an interview with Stratman, she told this reporter that she is frequently reminded on a daily basis how deeply the Greensboro community appreciates what she is doing; “I have customers give me hugs as soon as they walk and will then leave with a great, big smile on their face.” Stratman’s warm and charismatic personality makes the cafe a very open, safe place in which all feel welcome.

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