Ride Systems Presents: Spartan Chariot

Lauren Summers
Features Editor

Features_Lauren Summers_Ride Systems_Lauren Summers

As the school year begins, many students who arrive back on UNCG’s campus rely heavily on campus transportation to get around. This year, Ride Systems is working with UNCG’s campus shuttle operation to “provide real-time GPS tracking with a mobile app that students use to conveniently ride the bus.”  

Ride Systems is a developer that provides features that make riding transportation more convenient for students. With Ride Systems, a user can view real-time locations of the shuttle, the estimated time of arrival and alerts if the shuttle is running late.

This feature is beneficial especially on those rainy days where waiting outside can leave a student drenched. UNCG now has a custom-made mobile app, designed by Ride Systems, called Spartan Chariot.

User features that come with this new app include viewing where multiple shuttle stops are located. This is helpful for students living in apartments around the UNCG area who may not realize all the stop locations available to them.

With the touch of an arrow in the upper lefthand corner, the app can pinpoint a student’s location, and lay out a map of shuttles and routes near them. A student can also search which shuttles are currently active on their routes.  

With app notifications turned on, the app has the option of alerts for when a shuttle has arrived, and the option to set reminders for specific route departures.

The accessibility of this app provides a net of safety for UNCG students who rely on campus transportation. Not only is it convenient, but with real-time tracking, the app lets students know when shuttles are at their location, which is especially useful for newcomers to UNCG who are unfamiliar with the routes.

The Spartan Chariot app is now readily available for use this Fall semester for UNCG students. It is free to download via the App Store or Google Play. Here’s to a semester with more accessibility and convenience!

For more information, please visit http://www.ridesystems.net

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