Spartan Cinema: Black Panther

Justin Foxx
Staff Writer

To say that Greensboro’s LeBauer Park lawn was packed for the showing of “‘Black Panther’” on Friday, Aug. 17 would be a severe understatement. The stretch of lawn facing the projector area was jam-packed with adults and children alike for the UNCG Spartan Cinema event. Movie goers spilled out onto the sidewalk, all hoping to still get a decent view as the sun finally decided to set and the screen became increasingly visible.

While most of this can be attributed to the sheer popularity of the film “Black Panther” plenty of activities were occurring before the movie began rolling, that kept everyone festive and engaged. Contests and games were conducted on stage with hula hooping, the Cha Cha Slide and the Macarena were open for those who wanted to participate. Children, teens and adults showed off in front of the gathering crowd. The Greensboro Science Center even had a booth back behind the lawn, educating anyone curious enough to approach.


Of course, the park is just a sight to behold in and of itself, being the jewel in the crown that is downtown Greensboro. It is well maintained, thanks to Greensboro Downtown Parks Inc. and their work of overseeing the park after its construction.

It’s thanks to the park’s namesake, the late Carolyn Weill LeBauer and her husband Maurice LeBauer, that Friday’s movie night could have come about. She is a patron to the umpth degree, who–along with her husband–held and acted out ideals of inclusivity in life. That is the same spirit I saw looking out onto the lawn at this congregation of people, that this park served to facilitate and embody those same ideals.

“Dramatism aside, how was the movie?” is the real question at hand now, and I personally really enjoyed it. It was my first viewing of “Black Panther”, and having been one of those people sitting on the sidewalk, I certainly didn’t have the greatest seat, but it was engaging nonetheless.

There’s a certain contentment you find when you’re sitting around what is essentially four movie theatres worth of people, all still dead-silent, and engaged in the film.

If you’re interested in attending a Spartan Cinema film screening at LeBauer Park, it’s completely free. The movies themselves are sponsored by our very own UNC Greensboro, so you can readily find some merchandise for sale at a kiosk on any given movie night. There are two more movies slated for August, “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” on Aug. 24, and “Moana” on Aug. 31.

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