Claim, Don’t Crave Academic Success

Meagan Bess
Staff Writer

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PC: Meagan Bess

By now, many students are preparing for their first exam and have numerous homework assignments due throughout the week. Freshmen are trying to find a balance between their classes and social lives, while seniors are anticipating the months to come when they begin the career that they are obtaining a degree for. Academics are important, but there is also a time to relax and take one’s mind away from their studies in order to give the mind time to rejuvenate.

Preparation is also important for academics. Taking time each day, whether in the morning or at night to write up a schedule becomes helpful when a student has a busy schedule. Using Google Calendar, a planner or any other method to keep track of what is due helps relieve stress when it comes to planning.

Part of time management is having moments for oneself, and then maneuvering back through a busy schedule. Each day in college should be productive, such as reviewing notes for a science test or memorizing vocabulary for a language course. There is the ability to acquire a good grade in each of a student’s classes with extra help coming from resources outside of the classroom.

It is not out of the ordinary for a student to sometimes struggle in a course which he or she is enrolled in. UNCG has at least ten academic resources that assist students, such as the Tutoring and Academic Skills Program, Supplemental Instructional Program and Student Support Services, which provide assistance in courses in the 100 and 200 levels.

Most students are familiar with academic advising here at UNCG. A student in every department has an advisor that he or she can ask for advice about the courses to take for the semester. It is helpful that students do not have to go through the course process alone. Some advisors are professors as well, who are happy to answer any questions a student might have about his or her major courses.

Two other important resources on campus are the UNCG Speaking and Writing centers. Both are located in 3211 MHRA,adjacent to each other at their location on the third floor

The Speaking Center has fall and spring semester hours which can be found on their website at In addition to face-to-face consultation, they have online consultations for students who are unable to come in person. These consultations allow students to be reassured and do well on speechs by giving the students feedback and answering questions that allow them to improve their oral communication skills. They offer other valuable resources, such as workshops, which focus on oral communication with regards to public, personal and group communication.

The writing center has their fall semester hours online at Like the speaking center, they have face-to-face and online consultations. During a face-to-face consultation, the student or consultant reads the paper aloud, then feedback is given to them based on what the consultant observed or what the student wanted to address. It can be helpful to write up as much of a paper as possible in order to get clear feedback from the consultant about what can be done to improve a paper before it is due.

Another notable resource is the Math Help Center, which is located in Curry room 210. The tutoring sessions are free to UNCG students enrolled in classes and the sessions occur by walk-in Monday through Friday, no appointment necessary.

They also provide study sessions for various courses such as Math 112 and Statistics 108. Study sessions for courses are located in the Petty Building. More information about the program can be found at sessions.

UNCG has a lot students can explore to help them do well in their studies this semester. College can be a challenge, but these academic resources lessen the severity of demanding school work, and they are worth it.

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