An Evening with the Queens

Gabrielle Lowery
Staff Writer

On Saturday, Feb. 23, UNCG presented its third annual drag show in the Cone Ballroom of the Elliott University Center. Queens were brought directly from students’ TVs to the campus, as contestants from Rupaul’s drag race sashayed, danced and worked the runway. They gave life to the many students in attendance.

Guest host Miss Kitty Litter kept the crowd laughing with her playful jokes. She constantly engaged with students in the crowd by asking questions, and she sang songs moments before the show began.

As the atmosphere was filled with laughter and positive energy from the many smiling students, music was played to get the crowd actively ready to cheer on their fellow peers as they worked the runway.

UNCG student Pheromosa was the first drag queen to perform, and she heightened the night with her dramatic entrance, lip syncing and splits that left the crowd cheering, flabbergasted by the talent.

As the night continued, more of UNCG’s skilled performers strutted and danced down the runway, often coming off stage to interact with audience members and showcase their dance moves, which caused students to cheer even louder.

Two local drag queens Mrz Ivy Carter and Heidi N Closet also performed several numbers, generating lots of applause while doing stunts and dancing on and off the stage. Both performers cheered on one another in support as they entertained the students.

Mrz Ivy Carter is a returning drag queen who had performed for UNCG students last year. Carter has worked around the city of Greensboro entertaining locals by hosting events like the Queensboro Glitz and Glam, and she has also premiered on Netflix series “Insatiable.”

Heidi N Closet is another returning performer who has received several awards in recognition of her outstanding performances and representation of the LGBTQIA community. She has been involved in several pageants in the Greensboro community, which has been given the title of the “Dancing Diva” of the Carolinas.

Desaney Barbour, a UNCG student, made a remark saying, “they are so talented and I’m excited to see what more the night holds, especially when RuPaul’s competing queens begin their performances.”

Following the local drag queens, RuPaul contestant Asia O’Hara was welcomed to the stage. O’Hara is an American performer best known for her appearance in the tenth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race where she placed fourth. She is a reality TV personality and costume designer that has been performing since the early 2000s.

O’Hara demanded the attention of the audience with her stage presence and antics, performing with modesty and dramatism through her several outfits and lip syncing. O’Hara entertained the crowd with her stories and provoked lots of laughter and acclamation.

Soon after, the crowd welcomed another RuPaul contestant, Peppermint, who has also been entertaining since the early 2000s. Peppermint is an actress, singer and television personality best known for being the runner-up on the ninth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Peppermint gave the crowd a motivational speech, sharing that she auditioned for drag race three times, saying, “the first two times I didn’t know why I didn’t get on, but it was because I was hiding something about myself.” She went on to say that “all we must have is ourselves,” encouraging students to be uniquely themselves and not try to be like everyone else or what others may want them to be.

The night exemplified UNCG’s diversity, creating a safe place for many of the LGBTQIA+ students and allowing personality and talent to be showcased and celebrated rather than rejected.

Students ended the night by taking memorable pictures with the performers, with many feeling inspired to be themselves and to appreciate their uniqueness. It was a night to remember, filled with Queens that students will never forget.

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