Interested in Studying Abroad?

Rachel Spinella
Features Editor

Are you interested in studying abroad? UNCG offers a variety of study abroad programs for many different majors throughout spring, fall and occasionally summer semesters.

Study abroad offers a more hands-on experience compared to what a student learns in a single classroom. Study abroad is a great way to immerse yourself in another country’s culture, customs, traditions and language.

According to, between 2016 and 2017, the number of U.S. students studying abroad increased by 2.3 percent, bringing the total number of students up from 325,339 to 332,772. In a study conducted by the Association of International Educators, it was found that a majority of U.S. study abroad students tended to study in Europe. Around 40 percent of students studied in the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France and Germany.  

There are many benefits to studying abroad, such as the opportunity to see the world. When one studies abroad, they travel to another country with the chance of seeing a new environment or terrain, natural wonders, museums and landmarks. You will no longer be relying on Google Images or pictures of different sights in other specific countries, but instead you’ll be seeing them up close.

Along with this, study abroad provides a different educational perspective, as you might see a different side to your major that you were never exposed to back in the U.S. You will be learning through experience, understanding the people, traditions and the culture in ways that you wouldn’t be able to truly experience in a classroom.

Though language barriers can be a big issue, they can also initiate a chance to learn a new language. For students majoring in a language, studying abroad is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the language that you’re attempting to master. Having to hone in on your language skills to adapt and communicate with other people in another country can really build up language and communication skills.

The study abroad program is not just beneficial for academic reasons, either, as students are able to meet and develop lifelong friendships with other students and even people from another country.

Also, by studying abroad, students are able to become more independent as a result of being on their own in another country. Not only that, but traveling and having to adapt to a new environment as well as a new culture can provide a bit of soul searching or self-discovery as well.

Despite all of the benefits, there are also some disadvantages. For one, study abroad can be expensive depending on tuition fees and the length of the trip. Not only is it expensive, but some health insurance plans do not cover people outside of their home country.

At UNCG, the prices for study abroad vary depending on how long a student plans to study abroad. According to UNCG’s International Program Center, one entire semester is around four or five grand per student, including housing and food expenses. For an entire year, two semesters, the expenses increase to around nine or 10 grand per student, complete with housing and food expenses as well.

Whether you’re interested in traveling, seeing the world or improving academically, studying abroad could be beneficial for your future.

If you’re interested in studying abroad, you can find out more information online or call 333-334-5404.

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