Artist Spotlight: The Band CAMINO

Crystal Allen
Staff Writer

PC: Keia Harris

As a self-entitled music junkie, I am always on the lookout for new music. While mindlessly scrolling through instagram, I clicked on my friend’s story where she was posting songs recommended to her. Of course, I added them all to a playlist and began listening. Most were good, some only alright, but there was one that stood out to me amongst the rest: “Bernstein” by The Band CAMINO.

The Band CAMINO is a group based out of Memphis, Tennessee consisting of members Jeffery Jordan (lead vocals/guitar), Spencer Stewart (guitar/vocals), Graham Rowell (bass), and Andrew Isbell (percussion). They released their first EP, ‘My Thoughts On You,’ in 2016 followed by their second, Heaven, in 2017. Their sound can best be described as alternative rock mixed with indie pop vibes. They cite groups like the 1975, The Killers, and Walk The Moon as inspiration for their sound.

My Thoughts On You is definitely my favorite of the two EPs. The album consists of five songs: 2/14, ‘For a While, Free of Charge,’ ‘The Black and White,’ and ‘Young.’ ‘Young,’ their first single debuted in 2015, is my second favorite of the album. This is a really strong song, not just vocally but lyrically. It follows the story of someone who is worried that they are not the same person they were when they were younger. It targets the struggles of growing up that all of us face and is, simply put, a nice song to listen to while you sit and reflect.

‘2/14,’ my favorite song of the album, really showcases the band’s inspirations. This song gives me major 1975 vibes, but it does it in its own unique way. It is the perfect feel-good song to listen to with your windows rolled down driving down the highway. ‘For a While’ and ‘Free of Charge’ showcase the alternative rock vibes of the band more so than the rest of the songs on the album, contrasted with ‘The Black and White’ which has more indie-ballad vibes. This is a very diverse album and I assure you will find at least one song that you will vibe with. Heaven is also a strong album, consisting of five songs as well: ‘California,’ ‘Who Says We’re Through,’ ‘What I Want,’ ‘My Thoughts on You,’ and ‘Heaven.’ It has a very similar sound to their first EP, though this one contains mainly upbeat songs besides the ballad ‘My Thoughts on You.’ I would still highly recommend listening to the second EP as well, I just hold a preference for the first.

Single-wise, ‘Berenstein’ and ‘Daphne Blue’ are standouts. ‘Daphne Blue’ is an upbeat break-up single following a person who still thinks of their ex everytime they see “black jeans and Daphne blue.” The song is just super catchy and has a great beat that anyone could enjoy. ‘Berenstein’ has a more moderate tempo and falls into the same break-up single category, telling the story of a time when they two were together and how the, “universe was alright,” back then. A fun aspect of this song is that its name and part of its story is based on the Berenstein/Berenstain debate, that it was spelled Berenstein when they were younger but it is now shown to be Berenstain. This song is my absolute favorite and is the first one I would recommend to anyone being introduced to the band.

Overall, I think this band has a lot of potential. They have such a wide variety of songs that you can find at least one to enjoy. I will definitely be following them as they become more established and I hope you all do as well.

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