Balancing Relationships: How Much is Too Much?

Ma’Kayla Hunter
Staff Writer

Romantic relationships are some of the most desired relationships from people. There is a sense of joy and optimism for people who are just beginning a relationship, anxious to have success in their ventures. Though this can be exciting, it is also important to note the impact and effects relationships can have on a person. Relationships are a two way street, which means that there is only so much that one individual person can control. Because of the contributions from both parties, relationships can be draining or refreshing. Therefore, it is essential for individuals to learn how to establish a healthy balance. 

Through my own personal experiences I have been able to see how easy it is to devote yourself to a person. There seems to be a rush of excitement when entering a relationship with someone that you feel is compatible for you. This ends up leading to the romantic possibilities and love that can be created within this relationship. Because of this dedication that you have, you become willing to change habits and make sacrifices for your significant other. With this feeling like a newly worldwind, it can become difficult to ensure that being in the relationship is the right decision.

In this process, being aware and cautious is vital for your relationship, as well as for your individual needs. Because of our fascination with relationships, we may be willing to ignore or accept things because of the overall feeling we receive. However, this forming of habit can lead to an unpleasant ending if continued. This can include giving in to fantasies, ignoring red flags, sacrificing too much too early and even making major changes that are out of your character.

Though changes do occur, it is important that you evaluate the risk over reward and the reciprocated actions from your partner. If you are giving too much in a relationship, comparing your actions to your partner is a great way of realizing this. First, it is important to communicate your needs and goals for the relationship. Once this is done, if there is not sufficient commitment from both parties to reach these achievements, then there has to be revaluation as to why. If a person is noting that they are giving their all and the other partner is taking this for granted, then it may be time to put the relationship to rest. Some of the issues that commonly become present are lack of interest, disagreement with priorities and even over dependency from one partner to the other. Once certain red flags become apparent and hindering the relationship, it is important for a change to be implemented.

With each situation varying greatly, it is vital for a person to trust their intuition and do what’s best for them. The signs that people ask for to have clarification are often presented through  intuition and initial thoughts before we talk ourselves out of it. Instead of settling or constantly sacrificing, we must make decisions that are rewarding to ourselves! 

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