Greensboro Public Transportation Celebrates Black History Month

Tyra Hilliard
Staff Writer

PC: Tyra Hilliard

February is Black History month and with all the history within Greensboro, North Carolina, the city has decided to participate in the celebration and acknowledge how far African American people have come. The Greensboro Transit Authority has paid their homage by spicing up their daily bus routes by introducing The Heritage Ride. 

Since 2017, the uniquely decorated bus, one with unmistakable decals on the side, has provided community members and tourists with a look into the adventurous historical past of African American accomplishments. The interior of the bus is decorated with telling photos and short stories of the establishments, monuments and people that pushed for equal rights for the black community. 

The Greater Greensboro Community has received the idea with great expectations.

“When we launched this project in 2017, the community support was overwhelming. The powerful displays of diversity in Black History made us popular with many group leaders including teachers who considered it a part of their Black History Month curriculum,” said Kevin Elwood, Marketing and Communications Manager for the Greensboro Transit Authority. “As we continued to get requests even after the month had ended, we knew we had hit upon something valuable that should be repeated.” 

The Heritage Bus also serves as the vehicle of “Ride with Pride.” Under the “Ride with Pride” program, the Heritage Bus visits local middle schools and community groups free of charge so that students can have a more personal account than just reading about black history in a textbook. However, due to high demand, the bus is limited to only one visit per school and the school must be within Greensboro’s city limits.

In 2020, two new people adorned the walls of the bus including Bill Pickett, a Rodeo Hall of Famer, and former for First Lady of the United States Eleanor Roosevelt. Additionally, the popular cities of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Durham, North Carolina were also added.

The Heritage Bus is put into rotation during the first week of February and runs regular scheduled routes. The bus can be tracked using the Live GTA Bus Tracker; anyone interested in finding the bus can find it with the code 777-HR. 

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