Early Access Favorite: Rimworld Gets Surprise Update and DLC

Crashland on an alien planet, struggle to help your colonists survive, then accidentally die stumbling upon an ancient evil and do it all over again! These are the first steps of many in Rimworld. Based on another cult hit, Dwarf Fortress, Rimworld tasks the player with taking care of a group of colonists on a dangerous planet. No description could do the depth of the game justice though… Your colonists have social interactions with each other, care about how well the colony is doing, and have individual skills that they can be passionate about. The game even has several versions of an AI storyteller that you can choose to influence how the game behaves. This level of detail has made Rimworld a cult classic in the almost seven years since its early access release.

Rimworld has been a passion project for years and has ignited an equally passionate fan base. The amount of time alone spent on the game is huge and the developer, Ludeon Studios, was expected to walk away after the full release. After all, they’ve poured over seven years into it and nowadays it has a robust modding scene that will keep the game alive for years to come. Yet, last week Ludeon Studios announced a brand new free update for Rimworld. With the update came improvements to little things about the game’s UI and optimization, along with bigger gameplay changes. Sharp players saw that with it came a new code that implemented a way for downloadable-content to be loaded. Ludeon Studios failed to acknowledge this, until Monday, when they shocked the Rimworld community with the games’ first DLC ever. February 24th marked the release of Rimworld: Royalty, a $20 expansion that adds even more content to the already impressive game.

Rimworld fans responded by launching the expansion to the front of Steam’s top selling list in under an hour. Many fans shared a sentiment that they would buy any DLC released for Rimworld just as a way of tipping the creators for an already amazing game. About Tynan, founder of Ludeon Studios, one Steam reviewer had this to say:  “Don’t buy this for the content, buy this to make Tynan rich.”

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