Nursing Graduate Program at UNCG #1 in NC Median Salary

Kathleen Estrada
Staff Writer

PC: Kathleen Estrada published a list of the 10 best accredited nursing schools in North Carolina for this year. The University of North Carolina at Greensboro placed number 4 on that list. While the website uses their own ranking method, they offer interesting facts about the university. The facts they mentioned state that, “at present, nursing instruction takes place in four buildings scattered across the campus. The School of Nursing Simulation Center for Experiential Nursing Education, which is located in the Moore Building, features four customized simulation suites and five high-fidelity simulators”. An 180,000-square-foot Nursing and Instructional Building is planned to open in 2020. The new building will contain 14 classrooms, 39 labs and nine research suites. Once clinical bedside skills and assessments are familiar to students, they will go on to work at Caswell Family Medical Center among other medical facilities in North Carolina. 

It’s no secret that part of the construction going on around campus is due to the new Nursing and Instructional building. The construction has affected campus life since it began.

However, there’s a lot to be said about the School of Nursing Program as the graduation rate for nursing students as of 2018 is said to be, “[for] Pre-licensure BSN: 95%, RN-BSN:79%, MSN: 87%, PhD: 66%, Post-master: 77%, Post baccalaureate AGNP: 85% and Post baccalaureate nurse anesthesia: 97%”. However, the website also discloses that the employment rates as of May 2018 is 100% for the above mentioned fields. 

While it might seem unlikely that the employment rate is at 100%, it’s true that graduating nurses from the Graduate Program at UNCG have the highest median salary in the state. The Triad Business Journal noted in an article, “UNCG master’s program stands out in ranking of state’s nursing degrees” on February 4th, 2020. According to the article, “Graduates of the UNCG nursing master’s program earned a median first-year salary of $139,100, far and away the highest among the 10 North Carolina nursing schools that offer master’s degrees…in fact, the median salary for UNCG graduates was almost $25,000 more than UNC Charlotte graduates, who had the second highest median salary”. 

Surely those numbers would make any struggling student think about a career in the medical field. If any student is contemplating a switch in major or considering a graduate nursing degree. The School of Nursing claims their mission is to take “giant steps anchored by transformation [with a focus] on inclusive communities, passionate people, innovative practices and extraordinary outcomes”. 

Obviously, there is a lot to consider when deciding on something as grand as changing a major or contemplating graduate school. So, if you have any questions from ‘Am a good fit for nursing school?’ to ‘What’s the price of a graduate nursing degree?,’ there is staff at the Margaret C. Moore building can be reached at!

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