Campus activities hosts magical afternoon

Sydney Thompson
Staff Writer

PC: Sydney Thompson

In the Maple Room of the Elliot University Center, students abound dressed in cloaks, crowns and plastic swords. In the room, a narrator recounts the classic fairytales of the Brothers’ Grimm as students eat, take pictures at a photo booth, and customize notebooks.

On Wednesday, February 26, the campus activities group known as ACE hosted these activities for a Grimm’s Fairytales-themed event.

“We’ve got a lot of similar events, such as the Disney Day coming up,” head volunteer Leah Golden said. “We wanted to get started with something that was a little different than that, but would still be a fun event.”

ACE is in charge of establishing fun events for students to relieve stress and to enrich campus culture. Activities included coloring sheets with a choice of three pictures: a fairy, a witch and a picture of a cat with intricate details. There was also a photo booth with an array of props and thirteen different backgrounds for the students to choose from.

More prominently, there was a table where students could customize their own notebooks to take home for free. They could choose from thirteen different designs and add in their name or a phrase to make it their own.

This event was inspired by Golden’s own love of fairytales. “They’re fun and we’re excited to do this,” Golden said.

ACE is planning a bigger event come April 21, according to Maggie Joyce. “That’s when we’re hosting this big Disney event,” Maggie Joyce said. “We’re going to have a photo booth with a frame that looks like Marvel characters and there will be princesses to meet. It will be so exciting.”

The event will span several rooms, including Maple and the Cone Ballroom in the Elliot University Center. One of these rooms will be based off of Pixar properties such as Toy Story and will involve a game where a prize can be won by a participating student.

ACE also encourages students to dress up as their favorite Disney character for that event, as there will be a costume contest as well with several prizes. 

“We’re super excited,” Maggie Joyce said. “We can’t wait.”

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