Spring Break Should be Fun, Right?

Kathleen Estrada
Staff Writer

PC: Kathleen Estrada

The month of march is associated with a lot of fun, right? It’s the first sign of spring, warmer weather, Saint Patrick’s Day, and most importantly spring break. A week of relaxation and fun without the pressures of school and or work. Ideally, that’s the perfect situation.

Spring break started as a swim event in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in 1938. By the 1960s, businesses began offering specials on beer and liquor to appeal to the rising number of visiting college students. The Visual Academy wrote about the history of spring break and said, “As the crowds became larger year over year, they also became more difficult to control. By 1985 more than 370,000 students were travelling to Ft. Lauderdale to enjoy their spring breaks”.

As of today, the three most popular locations to visit for spring break are South Padre Island, Texas, Panama City, Florida, and Cancun, Mexico. From Greensboro to Panama City, Florida, it’s about a ten hour drive. Greensboro to South Padre Island is an eight hour flight. Greensboro to Cancun, Mexico is an interesting subject all by itself, depending on the airline the flight could be anywhere from five to twenty-one hours.

Visual Academy went on to talk about some interesting facts. For starters, “The average “spring breaker” spends around $1,100 in one week, which is more than the average family of four spends on food in a whole month”. Part of this spending comes from the essentials, hotel rooms and food, but also the copious amounts of alcohol consumption associated with being on spring break.

But are students on UNCG campus travelling for spring break. Honor Student, Brittany Jones says, “I just don’t have the money to travel. I also, should get started on my senior honors paper, which has to be 25 to 30 pages and due by May 1st.” With being part of the Honors Program students involved are expected “[to] collaborate with a faculty mentor to conduct research in their major that culminates in a senior honors project.”

Another student who wishes to remain anonymous says, “Sure, I would like to travel for spring break. Some of my friends are going down to Myrtle Beach, [South Carolina].” When asked why they were not traveling they said, “Mostly the price. I can’t afford it right now, so I’m just going to pick up some extra shifts at work.”

I was born and raised in Texas, growing up in Weslaco, spring break was a part of the cultural experience. South Padre Island is only a short drive away (less than an hour), and I spent many of my teenage and early college years spring breaking there. So, when I transferred to UNCG I became aware of a slightly different spring break culture.

While many students still choose to travel, it just made sense why some choose to stay home. Wilmington is about three hours away and more popular locations like Myrtle Beach are three and a half hours away. It’s clear why it would take more time and planning in order to go on spring break.

Regardless, of whether or not you choose to travel or stay home. Remember spring breakis supposed to be about relaxation and taking a break. Self-Care really is the best care. Take time to do something you like and or passionate about. Most importantly remember to have fun.

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