Community and Life

Tu B’Sh-what?

Shira Snyder Staff Writer Tu B’Shvat is a holiday that, for the most part, no one has ever heard of. “I don’t know what that is,” said UNCG psychology major and senior, Jesse Gonzalez-Parks, who, like most people, does not… Read More ›


Madison Owen Staff Writer Most Greensboro locals know about Scuppernong, an independent bookstore in downtown Greensboro. It has a lot of cultural value, offers community events and serves coffee (as well as wine for those over 21). Scuppernong is nearing… Read More ›

Café the Cat’s Meow

Rebecca Pearce Staff Writer As a college student, incorporating new activities to de-stress from the bustle of college routine can be difficult and even become a great hassle at times. A wonderful solution, however, is located just up the street… Read More ›

Jazz it Up

Benjamin Pulgar-Guzman Staff Writer I tucked in my chair in the dimly lit dining room. Glorious chandeliers hung above our heads as the three musicians shuffled about, ready to go back out onto the small corner stage. “Before you all… Read More ›